Takbeer at Tashreek

Takbeer at Tashreek (glorification of Allah) should be read in abundance on the days of Eid It should be recited at least once after every Fardh Salaah from Fajr of the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah (day of Arafah) until Asr on the 13th of Dhul-Hijjah (23 Salaah in total)Men should recite it aloud اَلله ُ اَكْبَرْ

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Eidul Adhaa 1445 2024

Sunday 16th June. The day of Eid (10th Dhul Hijjah) 1445 2024 will be on Sunday 16 June. Fajr on Eid day will be at 04:15 First Eid Salaah will be at 05:00 Second Eid Salaah will be at 07:30 Takib at Tashreek will start from Fajr on Saturday 15th June and will end on

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Website URL mquba.org

There have been some changes to the masjid website. The masjid recommends that to visit the website, you use mquba.org as the web address. The previous addresses will still work but the recommended address to get to the site is https://mquba.org masjidequba.org.uk and mequba.com will redirect to mquba.orgemails can still be sent to the same

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Announcement. Mosharaf Khan

Mosharaf Khan (Muazzin of Masjid Uthman-Olinda Rd) has sadly passed away and returned to Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala Janazah Details: Janazah will take place at Masjid Quba Today 18/04/2024 after Dhuhr Salaah Burial will be atGardens of Peace,1 Five Oaks Lane, Chigwell, IG7 4QP

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Madrasah Sep 2024

The madrasah is now taking applications for new students starting September 2024. If you would like to enrol your child, please head over to the madrasah page and fill in the application form.

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