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Salaah start times and Jama’ah times for our Masjid

Salaah PDF timetables are towards the bottom of this page. Scroll down to find them

Ramadhaan 1441 2020 Timetable in PDF format can be found by clicking the button below Ramadhaan 1441 2020 timetable PDF

Salaah Start Times

Salaah Jama’ah Times

2021 My Masjid Android App. Android users, we have an app which has salaah beginning and Jama’ah times with a handy home screen widget for quick reference. (v3.5 March 2021)

Please uninstall any previous versions of the app you may have before installing this version

MyMasjid App 2021

Import Salaah times to your own calendar app such as google calendar or ios calendar

Start Time ical Jama’ah Time ical

To import our calendar to your own google calendar (possibly others such as Outlook, iOS), add the below link to “add from URL / add internet calendar” in the calendar webpage (it work better on a pc as opposed to a smart device). The benefit of this method is, all changes are in real-time so any changes we make to our calendar, your calendar will also change.

Please right click on below buttons and choose “copy link address” in the context menu.

Salaah Start Times Salaah Jama’ah Times

To download a copy of our calendar as one pdf file for the entire year, please click the button below

2020 pdf

To download a copy of our calendar as individual pdf files for individual months, please click the buttons below.

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