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My Masjid 2022 Android app

Our Masjid Salaah times app is now available for Android and IOS. It has many handy features and a recent major update has significantly improved the app.
Please use buttons below to be directed to the relevant app store

What’s New

  • Cloud based updates
    Any changes to salaah times (including Ramadhaan) will update automatically but also now, you no longer need to reinstall the app yearly.
  • Latest news from the Masjid
    The app now shows in the app so you can keep up to date
  • Push notifications
    Important announcements can now be pushed to your phone
  • Listen Live
    Now includes a radio button so you can listen to the masjid live stream from the app

Import Salaah times to your own calendar app such as google calendar or iOS calendar

To import the Masjid salaah times to your own google calendar (possibly others such as Outlook, iOS), add the below link to “add from URL / add internet calendar” in the calendar webpage (its easier on a pc rather than a mobile device). The benefit of this method is that any changes we make are updated in real-time so the times in your calendar should always be up to date.

Please right click on below buttons and choose “copy link address” in the context menu.

PDF Timetables

Download a copy of our Salaah timetable as one pdf file for the entire year.

Download a copy of our Salaah timetable as individual pdf files for individual months.