Ramadhaan 1444 / 2023

Ramadhaan Talks

Alhamdulillah, Masjid Quba has been blessed with the opportunity to host the following guest speakers throughout the month of Ramadhaan.

    • Thursday 23 March – Sunday 26 March   Mufti Mahmood Bardoli
    • Monday 27 March – Thursday 6 April  Mufti Zubair Bhayat
    • Friday 7 April – Tuesday 11 April    Mufti Imtiyaz Dewlah
    • Wednesday 12 April – Tuesday 18 April   Mawlana Arshad Patel

Talks will be given after Asr and Taraweeh Salaah.
Short Naseehah after Fajr

You can listen Live. Click play below

Recordings of Talks

We will inshaallah be recording all of the talks. Please click the button below to access them.

Taraweeh Prayers

Our A’imma leading Taraweeh salaah are;

    1. 6 Rakkah, Imam Mohammed
    2. 6 Rakaah, Hafidh Zakariya Balesaria
    3. 4 Rakaah, Hafidh Ismail Lunat
    4. 4 Rakaah, Hafidh Yahya Budi

The Qur’aan completion in taraweeh prayer will inshaallah be completed on the 29th night of Ramadhaan.

The order of recitation is as follows;
The Huffaz will be reciting 1 & 1/4 juz in taraweeh prayer for the first 4 nights in which they will complete 5 juz
Thereafter, the Huffaz will recite 1 juz a day until completion of the Qur’an on the 29th night of Ramadhaan Inshaallah.

Ramadhaan Timetable

Ramadhaan 1444 / 2023 timetable can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the button below