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If you would like to chat with us or send a message, please use the button below. This service is only online when we are broadcasting an event. If you would like to send a message about anything else, please visit contact us page.

If you wish to listen on your smartphone, you can simply visit this page in your phones internet browser, but we think downloading and installing tunein radio from your app store is much more convenient. Once the app is installed, simply search masjid e quba.
There are many features of the app, one of which is, set your phone alarm to tunein radio and wake up to Fajr adhaan from our Masjid.

The URL of our internet audio stream is

Local Radio Scanner.
If you wish to listen on you scanner, the Masjid’s radio frequency is 431.493mhz

Our radio streams most, if not all events taking place in the Masjid as well as Adhaan, Daily prayers and Jumu’ah Khutbah.

For more information about Tunein Radio please visit their website Masjid