Covid 19

March 2020. Janazah Ghusl (deceased bathing) service and van use.

During this time of illness throughout the world, the number of people passing away and the significant amount of people in isolation due to illness or precaution,  to assist the local communities in the borough of Hackney, we have setup a service where a team of volunteers are available upon request to perform the essential service of ghusl of our locals. The current situation is that there simply are not enough people to carry out this service due to the amounts of deceased and lack of volunteers due to isolation. Often, the family of the deceased are in isolation themselves and are unable to help.
The aim of this service is to have a large team throughout the borough which we can call upon to assist with ghusl. We have male and female volunteers and training will be provided as well as protective clothing. We do not need everybody every time but as long as the team is large, we will have enough volunteers when called upon. Likewise, locals can help in their immediate localities.
If you would like to join the team, please fill in the form below.
May Allah in his infinite wisdom and mercy remove the world from this situation. Aameen
If you have a van that we would be able to use to transport the deceased in, from the hospital to the Masjid and then on to the graveyard, please fill in the form below. Ideally the owner of the van should also be available to drive the van.

25 March 2020 Madrasah Online working

Please see PDF document regarding online working for students of the Madrasah

20th March 2020 – Excellent teamwork

We would like to say a big JazakAllahu khairan to all our community for the cooperation and understanding during jummah this afternoon.
It was definitely a setup that we are not familiar with however the steps we took were necessary given the situation we are going through.
Alhamdulillah everything went smoother than we anticipated, ofcourse, if it wasn’t for the excellent behaviour of all who attended, it would not have gone so well.
Let’s pray to Allah to open doors for us and make the coming weeks easier for us all.

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Whatsapp broadcast list.

The Masjid is creating a whatsapp broadcast list to send out relevant information. If you would like to join this broadcast list, please fill in this form. PLEASE SAVE 07984 415 233  TO YOUR CONTACTS AS QUBA BROADCAST OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE MESSAGE

Copy and send this link to easily share this form with others
You can also send us a messages to 07984 415 233 stating PLEASE ADD ME TO BROADCAST and we will add you to the list
This list is a broadcast list only. participants will only receives messages from the Masjid committee. Participants will not be able to post messages to the list or reply back messages. Participants contact details will not be visible to other participants on the list. This list is for male and female. We do not need your name in order to be added to this list.