Marriage Registration

Procedure to perform Marriage Registration at Masjid Quba

Marriage Registration service provided at this Masjid complements the services provided at Local Register Offices, but primarily aims for those who lives ONLY in around London Borough of Hackney.

Those who wish to perform Marriage Registration should contact one of the NLMT appointed Authorised Persons. They are:

Nasser Patel
Phone: 07487519911

Yasin Balesaria
Phone: 07768090368

Ahmed Dana
Phone: 07932878545


These individuals have been appointed by the Home Office to conduct Marriage Registration at this Masjid.  Once you contact them, they will discuss the matter with you, explain the procedures that needs to be  followed, and agree a date for the Marriage Registration to take place at the Masjid. If they are unable to answer your call, please leave a brief message (text or WhatsApp) detailing your full name, purpose, contact  details and address. Insha’Allah, they will call you back as soon as they can.  

The Civil Partnerships Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Act 2019 received Royal Assent and came into force on 4 May 2021. The Act introduces a new Schedule System, which also means moving from a paper based system to registration in an electronic register known as RON (Registration on Line). From 4 May 2021, the Local Register Office (LRO) have sole responsibility for registering all marriages, both civil and religious on RON.  

Marriage Registration performed at religious premises is a combination of civil and religious marriage. Hence, it includes both civil and religious formalities. In this Masjid, the religious formality includes Recitation of the Qur’an and Nikah sermon and dua. The civil formality includes Words of  Declaration, a Contract and signing on the Marriage Schedule. Marriage Registration ceremonies can take place only by Authorised Persons and in Authorised Buildings. If a couple wants to perform Marriage Registration at this Masjid, the couple needs to first give Notice of  intention to marry at their Local Register Office (LRO), informing them that they would like the Marriage Registration to take place at North London Mosque, 70 Cazenove Road, London N16 6AA. The Notice is given in order to obtain a Marriage Schedule (MS) document from the LRO. Where the man and woman live in different Registration Districts, they have to give separate notice in both their respective boroughs/districts. There will be only one Marriage Schedule per couple and it will be issued by the Register Office in the borough/district where the ceremony will take place. Do please make your own  arrangements to Collect & Return” the Marriage Schedule at Hackney Register Office, as we are unable to do so.

Upon receiving the Marriage Schedule, please hand it over to us as we need to check its contents  and to conduct the pre-marriage question before the Marriage Ceremony takes place. After conducting the Marriage Ceremony, please return the duly completed Marriage Schedule to Hackney Register Office so that they will register your marriage on RON. Once the information is recorded on RON, you can then apply for and purchase Marriage Certificate from Hackney Register  Office and/or the General Register Office.

If your Marriage Registration was performed previously in our Masjid and you require copies of your Marriage Certificates, please contact Hackney Register Office. This is because we are no longer able to issue Marriage Certificates as this function now belongs solely to them and the General  Register Office.

Please note: – 

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022 raises the minimum age of marriage and civil partnership to 18, and the new law comes into force on 27 February 2023. From this date both parties must be aged 18 or over to marry or enter into a civil partnership. 

From 27 February 2023, where a person gives notice to a register office of their intention to marry or form a civil partnership, registrars will not allow the notice to be proceed unless that person will be 18 on or before the end of the 28 day waiting (public notice) period. This is the earliest date that a schedule can usually be issued for a marriage or civil partnership to proceed. 

Where a schedule has already been issued and either of the parties is under 18 you can use the schedule if the marriage/civil partnership takes place before 27 February 2023, after that date the schedule cannot be used until they are both reach 18. If the schedule has expired before they are 18 it will be invalid and fresh notices will be required. 

Marriage Registration service provided at this Masjid complements the services provided at Local  Register Offices, but primarily aim for those who lives in/around Hackney Borough and prefer  having a simple service within the guidelines of Islamic Shariah. Due to space limitation, only up-to  8 people are allowed to attend Marriage Registration ceremony (Bride, Groom, two witnesses and  up-to 4 guests).  

PS: As the Marriage Registration service available at this Masjid is basic and photos & videos are  strictly prohibited, and as it now includes extra trips to Hackney Register Office to collect &  return Marriage Schedule, it will be much easier & more convenient to perform Marriage  Registration at a Local Register Office and Nikah at any local Masjid. Further, as the  Registration Ceremony accommodations available at Register Offices are much better than  the accommodation available at our Masjid, and other facilities such as videos/photos, etc.,  are also available at Register Offices, for some people conducting registration at Register  Offices will be more suitable as it will meet their needs/expectations

The Notice Period is 28 days, however where one or both parties is non-UK national with limited or no immigration status, the Home Office may extend the notice period to 70 days. For further  details please contact the Registrar Office or Home office.  

Marriage Registration provides legal protection to both parties and as the UK law recognises only  Marriage Registration and it does not recognise Nikah (Islamic Religious Marriage) the interests of both parties can generally only be safeguarded through a Marriage Registration. Hence, in this  masjid we encourage those who wants to perform Nikah only, to also perform Marriage Registration at the same time. Further, since performing nikah is Sunnah and there is much greater blessing in it, whenever a couple wants to perform Marriage Registration, Nikah ceremony will be performed at  the same time unless the couple have already performed their nikah. NIKAH Ceremony Application form will be provided once a date has been agreed for the Marriage Registration. Please ensure the contents of the Nikah ceremony Application form are correct as the information provided will be  transferred onto the Nikah Certificate. 

The Marriage Registration and Nikah ceremonies are conducted on the same day at weekends. However, if there is a request to perform them on different days, the Marriage Registration will be performed first. In this case, the Marriage Registration will be commenced by stating the value of  the mahr (dowry), followed by the nikah sermon, pronouncement of the words of declaration and  the words of contract, signing the Marriage Schedule and finally, a dua.  

On receiving Marriage Schedule from the Local Registrar Office, please hand it over to the NLMT  Authorised Persons with a duly completed Nikah Ceremony Application form and fees (£65 for Marriage Registration and £65 for Nikah).  

The Marriage Registration services provided in Masjid-e-Quba complements the services provided at the Local Register Offices (LRO).

Our services are primarily aimed for those who resides in London Borough of Hackney and prefer having a simple service within the guidelines of Islamic Shariah.

Where one partner resides in Hackney, but the other partner resides in another borough, then this application will also be considered.

The North London Mosque Trust (NLMT) service is delivered by Authorised Persons who have been appointed by the Home Office to conduct Marriage Registration in Masjid-e-Quba.

Please Note: Video and taking photos inside the Masjid premises or of the Marriage Registration & Nikah ceremonies is STRICTLY prohibited as it is part of the etiquette of this Masjid.

Issued By: NLMT Authorised Persons