MyMasjid App now on IOS

Alhamdulillah, the Masjid app is now available on ios as well as Android. It was a strong effort to get the app published on the apple app store. Massive credit tot he guys in achieving it. May Allah accept your efforts. Inshaallah the congregation benefit from it and you will be rewarded every time they use it.
Please head over to the Salaah Times page to check out what’s new and how to get it.

Friday Evening Programme

Imam Muhammed along with guest ulama will be delivering a weekly talk every Friday evening. The topic will be about all aspects of marriage.
Come and join us every Friday after Salaatul Esha. If you aren’t able to make it to the masjid, you can listen on the radio, or various internet options we have. Visit live streaming page for more info.

We will update the dedicated page with recorded audio each week so you can listen when it suits you.

For mo info, visit the dedicated page
Programmes/40 Hadiths on Marriage

WhatApp Broadcast list.

The Masjid has been running a broadcast list on WhatsApp to inform the community about matters relating to the Masjid and Covid19. We keep all messages very relevant and do not send out unnecessary information (spam as its better known).

If you would like to join this broadcast list, please send a message with your name in the messaging and state that you would like to join the broadcast list.
The number is 07984 415 233 

Please also save the number in your contact list. If the number isn’t saved in your contacts, you wont receive any messages. Thats just how WhatsApp work.