Todays Salaah Times

  • 6:30 am Fajr Jamaa'ah 

  • 1:30 pm Dhuhr Jama'ah 

  • 5:15 pm Asr Jamaa'ah 

  • 6:40 pm Maghrib Jamaa'ah 

  • 8:15 pm Esha Jamaa'ah 

  • 5:33 am Fajr 

  • 7:04 am Sunrise 

  • 12:49 pm Zawaal 

  • 12:55 pm Dhuhr 

  • 4:40 pm Asr 

  • 6:38 pm Maghrib 

  • 7:57 pm Esha 

Esha Salaah will be 10 mins earlier

Please be aware that from Wednesday 29th March 2023, Esha Jama’ah will change from 9:20pm to 9:10pm and will remain 9:10pm until Sunday 2nd April

This change will carry through the month of Ramadhaan.
Esha Jama’ah will be 10mins earlier than listed on our timetable for the whole month of Ramadhaan

Monday 3rd April – Sunday 9th April
Esha Jama’ah 9:20PM

Monday 10th April – Sunday 16th April
Esha Jama’ah 9:30pm

Monday 17th April – Ramadhaan ends
Esha Jam’ah 9:40pm

Ramadan Preparation Workshop

Join us for a half-day workshop to learn about the upcoming beloved month of Ramadan together!

We will be refreshing our knowledge on the virtues of this blessed month, sharing practical tips on how to make the most of your Ramadan as well as learning more about the last 10 days of Ramadan and the auspicious night of Laylatul Qadr.

There will also be a fun date dipping activity to take part in and you can take your yummy dates home too!

What will be covered:

  • How to make the most of Ramadan
  • Virtues of Ramadan
  • Date dipping
  • Ramadan and the Quran
  • The last 10 days and Laylatul Qadr Q&A
  • Age: 12-18 years old

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A Muslim Boy’s Guide to Puberty workshop.

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A Muslim Boy’s Guide to Puberty workshop.

This course has been developed to address the very important subject of Male Hygiene in Islam. We found that there is a significant knowledge gap with regards to this subject in our community. There are many subjects which are still regarded as Taboo even today, the parents expecting the Madaaris to address these issues and vice versa.

The majority of people from the older generation will agree that these were subjects which they were never taught or told about when they were younger. Many children today, do not know when and how they will become mature in Islam and following that, what requirements are now expected of them. Many people reach adulthood and still have many unanswered questions and living in this country presents its own unique challenges when trying to practice Islam while at School and the Workplace.

This Workshop Will Insha’Allah answer many of these questions above and give the attendees the basic knowledge to enable them to practice Islam with the confidence that they are fulfilling their Islamic obligation with regards to Cleanliness.

Session will be delivered by a qualified Alim with an opportunity for Q&A also.

Venue : Masjid Quba
Date : 14 Jan 2023
Time : 09:45am to 12:45 pm

(9 – 12 years old)

(13 – 15 years old) Year 8 – Year 10

Young Adult
(16 – 20 years old) Year 11 +

Spaces are limited, please book early to avoid disappointment

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A Muslim Girl’s Guide to Puberty workshop.

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A one-day workshop which will be hosted onsite covering key Islamic concepts around cleanliness and advice on menstrual wellbeing. As well as activities focused on helping young girls understand that accountability comes with starting your period. Older girls will have the opportunity to discuss issues around relationships, sex and emotional wellbeing.

Sessions will be led by qualified Alimahs with an opportunity for Q&A also.

There will be three separate sessions hosted by Teens Inspired.

Students will be put into the correct sessions according to their year group.

(9 – 12 years old)

(13 – 15 years old) Year 8 – Year 10

Young Adult
(16 – 20 years old) Year 11 +

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What will be covered in this course:


Fiqh of menstruation
Cleanliness and hygiene
Menstrual Wellbeing


Fiqh of menstruation
Cleanliness and hygiene
Dealing with hormones
Relationships and responsibilities

Young Adult

Gender interaction
Sex education

Modesty Series

Join us for our November workshop where we will be discussing important modern-day issues related to modesty, hijab and much more.
Sessions will be led by qualified female scholars and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end of each session. Sessions are designed to engage, empower and educate Muslim teens.
A workbook for students to complete and make notes will also be provided.
The workshop will cover:
External Modesty
Definition of Modesty
Modesty in dress
Internal Modesty
Good Haya
Bad Haya
Modesty in our actions

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please click here.