السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

As Salaamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you.

2020 Ramadhaan Timetable. Please click here

21st April 2020 Important announcement – Ramadhan.

Asalaamualikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

Due to the current continuation lockdown and government guidelines, Masjid Quba management is issuing the following guidance with regards to the continued closure of the Masjid and payment options for Membership fees, Lillah and Zakaat donations.

1. The Masjid remains closed to the public.

2. Fajr, Esha, Taraweeh and Jumuah Salaah with Khutba will be broadcasted on the Masjid receiver and live streaming online.

These are our Huffaz who will be reciting in this order Insha’Allah:

Hafiz Ibrahim Dhoodhat
Hafiz Ubaidullah Alibhai
Imam Moulana Muhammad
Hafiz Muhammed Boodi
Hafiz Usman Mulla

Please note, it is not permissible to join in and read your salaah in jama’ah via the receiver/stream. Please make your own arrangements for reading you salaah with or without congregation

4. To make it easy for members and public the Masjid has 3 options for making Membership, Lillilah, Sadakah, Zakaah and Fitra payments this year:

4.1. You can transfer the money online to Masjid Quba bank account.

Account Details:

North London mosque trust
Sort Code 40 06 25
Account No. 31135244

4.2 You can pay using a credit card or paypal by clicking the button below

4.3. Alternatively, arrangements will be made for money to be dropped off to the Masjid during certain days in Ramadan, to be handed over in labelled envelopes. Further information will be broadcasted / announced in due course.

Please remember to follow government social distancing guidelines and come individually and quickly hand in your envelopes and return home.
(Please DO NOT congregate outside the Masjid)


– For Members Masjid Membership fee payment of £50 and the recommended £50 Lillah donation for the Masjid, please write your full name and address as reference.

– For Zakaah and Sadakah for the Masjid to donate on your behalf to selected organisation chosen by the Management Committee, as it has been done in the previous years. Please clearly state your intention as reference or description.

– Lillah for the Masjid. Please indicate Lillah.

– Recommended Fitra payment of £5 per person. Please indicate Fitra.
We recommend Fitra is paid by 20th Ramadhan, so that those in need can benefit in time for Eid.
(Payments of Fitra after 20th upto Eid Day would still be accepted).

We make sincere dua to Allah that all the Masaajid can be open again soon.


23 March 2020. Masjid has closed to the public.

We have taken the advice from the meeting of senior ulama and health professionals in Blackburn, Lancashire held Saturday 21 March 2020 to limit the public from going to the Masajid.
The Masjid will still be holding 5 daily salaah with jama’ah but only with a few selected individuals whom the Masjid has chosen. Do not come to the masjid to join the jama’ah
Adhaan will be given for all salaah at each salaah starting time and will still be broadcast on the radio channels.
Jumu’ah salaah will take place in the Masjid but will not be open to the public. Jumu’ah talks will be broadcast on the radio channels. (Internet radio and scanner. See live streaming menu for more details).
We aim to have  scholars give regular talks from the Masjid which will be broadcast live on the radio channels. We also plan to record these talks and make them available here. They can be found at the top menu under Events Media.
Our Imam Moulana Abdus Salaams daily dars which he would normally given about 8pm will be broadcast daily on our radio channels.
For up to date information, please visit our website regularly. We also have a whatsapp broadcast list which you can sign up to. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for information.
Finally, we appreciate your co operation at the time and we ask all to make dua’a that the all mighty remove the entire world from this situation. Aameen