Eid Salaah. Important Announcement.

Please note that the Masjid will only be holding two Eid salaah.
Earlier communication stated that there would be three but this has now changed due to circumstances.
There is no booking system. Please arrive in good time
Eidul Fitr will fall on either Wednesday 12th or Thursday 13th May 2021

Times for salaah are as follows:
04:30 – Fajr salaah on Eid day
05:30 – First Eid salaah
07:00 – Second Eid salaah

WhatApp Broadcast list.

The Masjid has been running a broadcast list on WhatsApp to inform the community about matters relating to the Masjid and Covid19. We keep all messages very relevant and do not send out unnecessary information (spam as its better known).

If you would like to join this broadcast list, please send a message with your name in the messaging and state that you would like to join the broadcast list.
The number is 07984 415 233 

Please also save the number in your contact list. If the number isn’t saved in your contacts, you wont receive any messages. Thats just how WhatsApp work.

The Masjid is open

Asalaamualikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh
Alhamdullilah, the Masjid is open for worship with some restrictions.
Kindly note key points.
Do not attend the Masjid if the following applies:

  • If you or anyone in your household has Corona Virus (COVID-19), or Corona Virus symptoms.
  • If you are supposed to be isolating or in the vulnerable category,
  • If you are under 12 unless you are with an adult and supervised at all times.

You must have and make use of the following items to attend the masjid

  • Prayer Mat
  • Face Covering
  • Shoe bag (Jumu’ah Salaah)

Please ensure you maintain social distancing during your entire time on the premises, and avoid socialising with anyone inside or outside the Masjid.