A Muslim Girl’s Guide to Puberty workshop.

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A one-day workshop which will be hosted onsite covering key Islamic concepts around cleanliness and advice on menstrual wellbeing. As well as activities focused on helping young girls understand that accountability comes with starting your period. Older girls will have the opportunity to discuss issues around relationships, sex and emotional wellbeing.

Sessions will be led by qualified Alimahs with an opportunity for Q&A also.

There will be three separate sessions hosted by Teens Inspired.

Students will be put into the correct sessions according to their year group.

(9 – 12 years old)

(13 – 15 years old) Year 8 – Year 10

Young Adult
(16 – 20 years old) Year 11 +

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What will be covered in this course:


Fiqh of menstruation
Cleanliness and hygiene
Menstrual Wellbeing


Fiqh of menstruation
Cleanliness and hygiene
Dealing with hormones
Relationships and responsibilities

Young Adult

Gender interaction
Sex education

Modesty Series

Join us for our November workshop where we will be discussing important modern-day issues related to modesty, hijab and much more.
Sessions will be led by qualified female scholars and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end of each session. Sessions are designed to engage, empower and educate Muslim teens.
A workbook for students to complete and make notes will also be provided.
The workshop will cover:
External Modesty
Definition of Modesty
Modesty in dress
Internal Modesty
Good Haya
Bad Haya
Modesty in our actions

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MyMasjid App now on IOS

Alhamdulillah, the Masjid app is now available on ios as well as Android. It was a strong effort to get the app published on the apple app store. Massive credit tot he guys in achieving it. May Allah accept your efforts. Inshaallah the congregation benefit from it and you will be rewarded every time they use it.
Please head over to the Salaah Times page to check out what’s new and how to get it.

WhatApp Broadcast list.

The Masjid has been running a broadcast list on WhatsApp to inform the community about matters relating to the Masjid and Covid19. We keep all messages very relevant and do not send out unnecessary information (spam as its better known).

If you would like to join this broadcast list, please send a message with your name in the messaging and state that you would like to join the broadcast list.
The number is 07984 415 233 

Please also save the number in your contact list. If the number isn’t saved in your contacts, you wont receive any messages. Thats just how WhatsApp work.